There are many benefits of Fiberglass material; durability, strength and resistance to weathering, to name a few. These benefits in turn means minimal maintenance for your windows. More common comparisons are boats sailing in salt water for over 50 years and underground chemical storage tanks which must last over 50 years. You will find below the may benefits of Fiberglass Windows from the Qualities, Expansion and Contraction Comparison and Conductivity Comparison Charts.



Benefits of Fiberglass Windows:

Thermal Performance: Exceeding American (AAMA101-93) industry standards making Fiberglass is the most energy efficient window framing product available.

 *Dimensional Stability: For Maximum protection from the elements, Fiberglass has virtually no contraction or expansion (see resistance chart above).

Commercial Applications: The new energy codes in affect today are now specifying Fiberglass Windows to be installed in buildings over three stories or more. These windows are now replacing the old materials such as vinyl and aluminum which do not pass energy codes.

Structural Strength: Provides 8 times greater sheer strength when compared to PVC.

Climate Durability (both hot and cold): It expands and contracts an incredible 800% less than vinyl.

Resistance to Glass Seal Failure: Fiberglass having low expansion and contraction, in turn resists glass seal failure. (see expansion chart above).

Paintability: Fiberglass can be painted in a variety of colors.

Reliability of Dark Colors: With low conduction of heat, and the stability in Fiberglass, they can also be painted in a variety of dark colors.

Design Flexibility: Fiberglass has the strength to be installed at great heights, in different window types and with its paintability factor, the design options are endless.

Low Maintenance: Being durable and resistant to weathering, Fiberglass has minimum maintenance requirements.

Environmental Impact: Fiberglass not only features the lowest embodied energy (low energy consumption in lineal production) when compared to other common window frame materials but also provides the longest life expectancy. This has led experts to recognize Fiberglass as the most environmentally friendly window system. Also, fiberglass has self-extinguishing capabilities in case of fire, and unlike P.V.C., it does not emit toxic fumes. Fiberglass frames offers dimensionally stable tolerances which provide consistent quality during the production phase.

Resistance to Rotting, Splitting, Warping, Corroding: Such as wood, vinyl and aluminum, can result in problems with warping, rotting, cracking and shrinkage, bowing, Lack of brittleness or deterioration of surface finish. Fiberglass has the highest resistance to warping & twisting ensures. Frame & sash corners will not separate or crack. Durability is one of the basic characteristics of pultruded Fiberglass composites. Fiberglass can be subjected to harsh weather conditions and stand the test of time. Throughout any climatic environment, fiberglass stays rigid and stable without loss of physical properties.